nurtures the well-being of your team as individuals.

Elite Mentoring ensures the personal and professional development needs of your team members are accelerated through the reassurance, guidance and wisdom of an external mentor.

Elite`s mentors have been specifically selected for their level of expertise, experience and expression. They are leaders in their respective fields and in many cases are small business owners themselves.

Their talent is to unlock the potential of your people and sensitively and effectively guide a client’s professional and personal development needs.

The Elite Mentoring Program is suitable for all levels of personnel from Board Members, CEO’s, senior executives, middle management and front-line. There is also a program specifically designed for Graduates.

Our coaching and mentoring can take place one-on-one or in small groups face to face, over the phone, via skype or email. It can be a one-off or an on-going development program with the frequency and duration of the sessions determined by you.

If you would like to unlock the human potential of your team members, assisting them to reach and apply their full potential in your business, Elite`s development program is ideal as it offers privacy, confidentiality and a fast track method of achieving individual and corporate objectives